OPRC (Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation)

Level 1 This course will deal with the essential upgrade of knowledge of delegates to fully understand the fate and behaviour of oil and chemical spills in the marine and coastal environments and how to combat such spills.

  1. Overview Of Oil Spill Response
  2. Oil Spill Response Techniques at Sea
  3. Oil Spill Response Techniques at Shoreline Assesment and Clean-up
  4. Oil Spill Response Support Issues
  5. Response Organisation and Control Strategies

Course Duration: 3 Days

Level 2 Is aimed at identified members of oil spill response teams who require a more technical knowledge and who may have responsibilities for planning and logistics, marine operations, aviation, legal issues, public affairs, health, safety, and the environment.

  1. Overview of Oil Spill Response
  2. Oil Spill response Techniques
  3. Response Issues
  4. Incident Termination

Course Duration: 5 Days

Approved by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping

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